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About site

The site easyjapan will help You to learn a big quantity of hieroglyphs quickly. Games and quizzes will help You to keep them in mind. Results of pupils are kept for the most effective work.


Each hieroglyph is represented with a set of forth:
    - a hieroglyph (kanji);
    - number of strokes in a hieroglyph;
    - the Japanese reading "kunyomi" and the Chinese "onyomi" reading;
    - translation into English and Russian languages;
    - the list of the Japanese words which contain the given hieroglyph.
In turn, words are accompanied by a transcription and translation.

Games and quizzes.

We have hieroglyphs, words and translation. Now we should invent how to master them well. The best form of training is a game, which has levels, points for the right answers, and a hall of fame. The only one difference (from games) is that there are no losers, because in any way You acquire new knowledge and skills.

What the site remember about users

To make the training more effective, we need an individual approach. So, we should distinguish the users. That's why it's necessary to bring in the name/password to enter the site.
So, what useful for pupils the site can remember:
    - The lessons studied. One lesson is a set of several hieroglyphs. The lesson is done, if all the tests from this lesson are studied.
    - The tests done. And also how much time was used for every test and how much point were taken.
    - The number of last lesson the user studied.

That's the brief information about the site.